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All Corporate Travel Spend
No Matter Where You Book

All Your Corporate Travel Data Available at a Glance

CapTrav captures every travel reservation in a single system, giving your company full visibility and insights to actionable data for your corporate travel program.

Customizable Dashboard

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Includes All TMC Bookings, OTA’s, Supplier Websites, and Shared Economy

Aggregate and Normalize Hotel Data

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Traveler Map

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Total Visibility, Regardless Of Data Source

Complete corporate travel program data visibility requires insight into not only those bookings through the TMC but also those booked through other channels.

Data You Need For Supplier Negotiation

Do you have easy access to all of your air, car, and hotel booking data no matter where it was booked? With CapTrav, you will!

Know Where Your Employees Are

Your duty of care policies and procedures must extend to all travelers and rogue travel spend creates a blind spot in your duty of care program that can be a significant risk to your company. CapTrav can help.


How do you know if your numbers are telling you a story that is good or bad? With CapTrav Reporting and Benchmarking, getting that information is easy.

100% Data Visibility. Sound Business Strategy. CapTrav Gives You Both.


No Long Term Contracts


Fast Set Up


Includes All TMC's

GDPR Compliant

No Overages

Who is Using CapTrav?

Managed Programs

CapTrav captures “off-channel” bookings to help you identify non-compliant travelers, leverage corporate contracts, and provide duty of care to all travelers regardless of where they book.

Small to Mid Size Business

Omni-channel data capture. Book through a TMC, supplier website, OTA, or shared economy for aggregated and normalized data to help leverage spend, enable duty of care, and automate expense reimbursement.

Industry Suppliers

Access aggregated, normalized, and de-duped omni-channel data through our API. Provides better data visibility to clients and Account Management, enhanced supplier negotiating leverage, better duty of care, labor-less transaction volume, automate passive segments, and Super PNR.

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