Brandon Strauss Chats With A Minute With ALTOUR

Apr 26, 2022

A Minute with ALTOUR

Partner of KesselRun Travel Solutions as well as President and Co-Founder of CapTrav, Brandon Strauss participated on the ALTOUR Webinar – The Shift in Hotel Programs & Is Your Strategy Aligned to Meet Todays Environment. Watch Brandon’s follow up interview with ALTOUR’s Doug Payne, SVP Corporate Sales on A Minute with ALTOUR series. Click here to view now.

Brandon Strauss

Brandon Strauss


Brandon’s career initially focused on supply chain management consulting for mid-market organizations.  Brandon was fortunate enough to get introduced to some senior executives at WorldTravel BTI (BCD Travel) and helped create and manage the first end-to-end self-service booking platform for the company and the first generation of such service in the industry.  Over the last 17 years Brandon has served as a Partner, head of consulting, and co-founder of KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions, a leading corporate travel consultancy and in 2018 co-founded CapTrav where he currently serves as President of the company.

CapTrav is the market leader in comprehensive corporate travel data capture. Because we collect all corporate travel data no matter the booking source, your program enjoys the ability to better leverage supplier deals, make smart business and policy decisions, and track all travelers in the event of an emergency.