CapTrav Expands its Executive Team

by | Jun 3, 2020

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Brandon Strauss


CapTrav Expands its Executive Team with Former BCD President Danny Hood

Atlanta, GA, June 3, 2020. CapTrav is excited to announce the addition of Danny Hood to its executive team.  A 2013 inductee into the Business Travel News (BTN) Hall of Fame, Hood, who served as President of WorldTravel BTI and then later as President of the Americas for BCD Travel will be actively participating in the strategic direction of CapTrav as an equity partner and member of its Board of Directors.

“I couldn’t be more excited and more appreciative,” says CapTrav President, Brandon Strauss.  “I’ve known Danny for over 20 years and his knowledge and creative thinking around the corporate travel business is unsurpassed.  This is certainly not something he needs to do but I think feels compelled by the model and the times we find ourselves in the industry.”

“Brandon and Nick’s market strategy is right on target and the timing is right especially for duty of care,” says Hood.  “They are approaching the business with level heads and strategic thinking both in terms of supplier and client needs.  I see tons of value for TMC’s to gain “labor-less” transaction volume using the technology.  Clients will benefit by being able to negotiate “all channel” corporate deals and track travel transactions no matter where the reservation is made.  I don’t get excited about new travel technology too often but in this case I’m excited by the technology and the energy and history I have with my new business partners.”

About CapTrav

CapTrav is the travel industry’s leading data aggregation software provider. Our solutions make it easier for corporate travel managers, procurement and CFOs to get access to the data they need to effectively manage their travel programs, suppliers and employees. The CapTrav solution works with any travel supplier, TMC or can capture data from travel booked directly with suppliers.

Our solution is easy to use, quick to deploy and typically has an ROI of under 6 months. To learn more about CapTrav and the CapTrav solution, contact us via email at or visit the company’s website at


Brandon Strauss

Brandon Strauss


Brandon’s career initially focused on supply chain management consulting for mid-market organizations.  Brandon was fortunate enough to get introduced to some senior executives at WorldTravel BTI (BCD Travel) and helped create and manage the first end-to-end self-service booking platform for the company and the first generation of such service in the industry.  Over the last 17 years Brandon has served as a Partner, head of consulting, and co-founder of KesselRun Corporate Travel Solutions, a leading corporate travel consultancy and in 2018 co-founded CapTrav where he currently serves as President of the company.

CapTrav is the market leader in comprehensive corporate travel data capture. Because we collect all corporate travel data no matter the booking source, your program enjoys the ability to better leverage supplier deals, make smart business and policy decisions, and track all travelers in the event of an emergency.