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Risk Management & Duty of Care Solutions for Business Travel

​Your duty of care policies and procedures must extend to all travelers in your business. The challenge is that rogue travel spend creates a blind spot in your duty of care program that can be a source of significant risk to your company. CapTrav has complete duty of care coverage with zero blind spots no matter where your employees book their travel. Because CapTrav captures data for both compliant and non-compliant travel bookings, CapTrav provides visibility into the locations of all travelers, regardless of how they booked travel. Presented in an easy to use dashboard with drill-down features to specific property locations, CapTrav makes getting the information you need in an emergency to ensure your employees’ safety as fast as a click of the mouse.

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Shared Economy

Ensure Your Employees’ Safety in One Click

Complete and Centralized Risk Data

CapTrav automatically captures all bookings including your TMC and “hooks” all booking source data into a single record for risk management

Easy to Use

Our dashboard provides a real-time view of traveler whereabouts with just a simple click. Drill down to find all of your travelers trip details

Integrate to Risk Supplier Partners

Off-channel data hand-off to third party risk management software companies or passive segment hand-off for our TMC reseller channel

CapTrav Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management

See how CapTrav can serve as the “tip of the iceberg” for your Duty of Care and travel risk management solution. See how you can quickly zoom into a specific geographic region, quickly assess the number of employees impacted by an event, and easily pull up a normalized itinerary including address and phone numbers of the hotel property.

Duty Of Care Dashboard

With CapTrav’s Duty of Care offering, you gain complete visibility into the global locations of your employees via an easy to use traveler dashboard. Quickly assess the number of employees located in a specific geographic area impacted by an event and easily drill down to see the actual travelers with complete itinerary. Because the CapTrav solution normalizes all air, hotel and car bookings, you can quickly retrieve the address and phone number of the various lodgings for your travelers. This includes shared economy facilities (i.e. AirBnB) as well as extended stay locations. Click on the “Request Information” link below to contact us for more information or to request a demo.

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