Capture Off-Channel Hotel Spend

Better Supplier Leverage and Risk Management

When considering duty of care, the first and most significant area of concern for corporate travel managers and risk professionals is hotel leakage. Despite best efforts, most corporate travel programs have found that between 30-60% of their hotel spend occurs outside of approved channels. What this means is that if a traveler is supposed to book her corporate hotel stays through the company’s travel management company (TMC) of record, but instead books the hotel through a supplier or aggregator site, this reservation has occurred outside of approved channels and is viewed as “leakage.” As a result, the corporate travel manager doesn’t have the ability to capture the travelers’ reservation information, causing the company to suffer by not being able to leverage that spend for better supplier discounts and not knowing where that traveler is resulting in a failed duty of care to that traveler and potential legal exposure.

What makes this problem so challenging is that travelers spend up to 5 times the amount of time in a hotel then they do on an airplane, car, or rideshare. The result is that hotel “leakage” represents the single biggest challenge companies face when considering managing corporate risk.

CapTrav has solved this problem.

CapTrav Can Seamlessly Capture your Company’s Hotel Leakage

In a matter of hours, CapTrav can be implemented and can immediately start capturing hotel bookings that occur outside of the approved Travel Management Company. As part of our solution, we will automatically send you a monthly “gap” report showing all hotels at the property level that were booked outside of the approved TMC along with pertinent data including rate paid, confirmation number, city information, booked and stay dates, and more.

Solve Duty of Care Problem Caused by Non-Compliant Hotel Bookings

As part of our solution, CapTrav will send you an “on-demand” Risk Report showing you where all of your travelers who booked outside of the TMC are along with all of the data you need to contact them in the event of an emergency.

duty of care dashboard

Leverage Non-Compliant Hotel Bookings for Better Supplier Deals

Both hotel suppliers and corporate travel managers know that hotels pay fees to the GDS and commissions to TMC’s for bookings. It is no surprise that hotels are very willing to compensate a corporation for booking directly through their supplier site. Many of CapTrav’s clients are currently enjoying this benefit while providing meaningful duty of care for travelers. Use the monthly report to enhance your current preferred supplier program, move market share to increase compliance, or just use the data to leverage negotiating power.

Only pay for what you use – a modest transaction fee per off-channel booking and no implementation costs. Let’s talk more about how CapTrav can solve your company’s hotel compliance issue.

Sort Data By Booking Source

Quickly see a list of top suppliers or travelers. Drill down to see all activity specific to a supplier, including benchmarking. Single-click for fast export to Excel or PDF.

Duty Of Care Dashboard

Know where your travelers are at all times in the event of an emergency. Zoom in to see all travelers in a specific geography. Normalized booking data gives you address and contact details for booking property.

Dashboard Reporting

Quickly get up to speed on all travel activities. Single click reporting in Excel or PDF formats. Customize layout and what data is important to you and your business.