CapTrav for Industry Suppliers

Custom Integration Solutions for TMC, Expense, GDS, and FinTech

Compatible With All Suppliers And TMCs

The CapTrav solution has been built to be compatible with virtually any supplier and all TMCs out of the box. We even work with boutique hotel chains, shared economy suppliers and black car limousine companies. See list of travel suppliers we currently work with.

CapTrav Offers Integration Solutions to Travel Industry Suppliers to

Augment Customer Data


TMC Solutions

CapTrav provides normalized leakage data for TMC integration into the reporting environment and third party risk providers.  Use this data to enable off channel transaction volume, normalized data in support of IR consortia programs, client supplier discount programs, and policy compliance initiatives.

Expense Solutions

CapTrav provides integration solutions into any expense tool automating the process and providing direct benefit to the user.  No forwarding, receipt scanning, or user intervention required.  Leverage CapTrav to enable procure-to-pay automation no matter which booking engine used, supplier site, OTA, shared economy, or TMC.

GDS Solutions

CapTrav can integrate GDS data to ensure quality for pre and post trip itinerary management.  Solutions include GDS/supplier matching, passive segment automation, omni-channel retailing, and a more holistic duty of care solution for clients.

FinTech Solutions

CapTrav can integrate into FinTech travel stacks to mitigate the single source corporate booking tool requirement.  CapTrav can augment FinTech companies as a corporate travel strategy agnostic of TMC, booking tool, travel supplier, or any other industry participant.

Benefits of Using CapTrav to Track Corporate Travel Bookings, No Matter the Source

Total Data Visibility
Maximize Supplier Discounts
Increase Productivity

Normalized Top Supplier Reports

View all of your travel activity in one simple dashboard view. Sort by supplier type, i.e. air, hotel, rail, and single-click to drill down on details. One-click to export to Excel or PDF.

Top City Pairs And Traveler Reports

Gain visibility into your top travelers and city combinations. Drill down to see the activity details on what activity contributes to the rankings.