Total Visibility, Regardless Of Data Source

End travel leakage with rogue spend management through CapTrav.

Complete program data visibility requires insight into not only those bookings through the TMC but also those booked through other channels. And manually aggregating data across various back-office programs to get a picture of travel activity may still only provide partial visibility into what’s going on and is manually intensive.

The CapTrav solution is supplier agnostic, meaning that we work with virtually any travel supplier to collect the data you need including airlines, hotels, car, rail, shared economy and demand ride services. This data is also normalized to include details such as local address for hotel properties and ticket numbers for airlines. The CapTrav solution captures this information for both managed and direct bookings, giving you complete visibility into your travel program activity. With CapTrav, a complete picture is as simple as a click of the mouse.

Travel Leakage / Rogue Spend Management

From automated data capture to intuitive dashboards and single-click Excel/PDF exporting, see how incorporating CapTrav into your travel stack can reduce the manual aspects of travel leakage reporting while providing higher quality data for your business needs.

Rogue Spend Dashboard

Our intuitive and easy to use dashboard provides our clients customers easy access to both TMC managed spend and rogue bookings. Quickly assess your leakage data in comparison to your overall spend, drill down to see a breakdown between air, car and hotel leakage. Compare your leakage data against third party benchmark spend to determine if direct bookings are helping or hurting your travel program. Single click to export data into either Excel or PDF formats. Contact us for more information or to request a demo.