CapTrav for Managed Travel Programs

Developed With The Corporate Travel Manager In Mind

CapTrav was developed to help address the challenges facing traditionally managed programs. By seamlessly capturing all booking data no matter the source, CapTrav can help prove the value of your managed program by analyzing corporate travel program leakage while at the same time provide the data needed to gain additional supplier leverage, create a compelling business case to senior management to put more control on rogue spend, and provide the duty of care owed to travelers by knowing where they are traveling no matter the booking source.

Total Data Visibility
Maximize Supplier Discounts
Increase Productivity

Compatible With All Suppliers And TMCs

The CapTrav solution has been built to be compatible with virtually any supplier and all TMCs out of the box. We even work with boutique hotel chains, shared economy suppliers and black car limousine companies.

At CapTrav, We Understand That Data Has Power

Changes to the corporate travel industry are coming fast and furious. GDPR, NDC, dynamic pricing, bundled pricing, and supplier specific inventory make navigating the industry harder and harder. As a corporate travel professional, data is power, and understanding the impact of program leakage is more important than ever.

CapTrav can help you and your organization make smart business decisions by providing the data you need to gain total visibility into your company’s corporate travel activities.

Easy Reporting For Travel Managers

Our simple to read reports are easily exportable to add to any management report you currently develop for internal use. They can be used to benchmark your entire corporate travel program and help to quickly demonstrate the benefit of your program to travelers and business leaders alike.

Sort Data By Booking Source

Quickly see a list of top suppliers or travelers. Drill down to see all activity specific to a supplier, including benchmarking. Single-click for fast export to Excel or PDF.

Duty Of Care Dashboard

Know where your travelers are at all times in the event of an emergency. Zoom in to see all travelers in a specific geography. Normalized booking data gives you address and contact details for booking property.

Dashboard Reporting

Quickly get up to speed on all travel activities. Single click reporting in Excel or PDF formats. Customize layout and what data is important to you and your business.