Tired of Reconciling TMC, Expense, and Card Data?

Normalize Reporting With CapTrav

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If you book travel through multiple sources (TMC, OTA, leisure websites, supplier websites, or Amtrak), chances are that it’s impossible to reconcile, normalize and use management reporting in any meaningful way. Without this ability, your program loses important booking data which means you can’t make smart business decisions. CapTrav aggregates all of this data and normalizes it so you don’t have to. With CapTrav Reporting getting this information is easy. Simply log in and quickly see either a high level overview or a detailed view of traveler and supplier source aggregated, normalized, and ready to use. Use this information to help conduct a data driven discussion with employees, senior management, and suppliers for better deals and discounts.

Travel Data Management Reporting Features

See just how easy it is to see all of your travel data normalized and ready to use.  This video shows how CapTrav captures, aggregates and normalizes hotel bookings. 

Learn What Your Travel Data Really Means With CapTrav

What good is data if you don’t know what it means? With CapTrav, you have the tools to understand what your data is telling you and how it is impacting your travel program. Gain insight into which employees are booking out of compliance and if that rogue spend is costing or saving your company money. Click on the “Request Information” link below to contact us for more information or to request a demo of CapTrav’s reporting capabilities.

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