How Does Your Travel Spend Stack-Up Against Industry Standards?

Reporting And Benchmarking With CapTrav

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How do you know if your numbers are telling you a story that is good or bad? You can compare against prior quarters to get an idea of improvement, but do your numbers compare with others in your industry? With CapTrav Reporting and Benchmarking, getting that information is easy. Simply log in and quickly see how your travelers are performing against current travel policy and procedures. Drill down to see how both your managed and unmanaged spend is against industry standard benchmarking. You even have the ability to view benchmarking by supplier type (air / hotel / car) or by specific supplier. Benchmark rogue spend (leakage) and use the information for a data driven discussion with employees.

Travel Data Management Reporting Features

See just how easy it is to compare your travel data against third-party industry benchmarking companies including ARC and tripBam. This video also shows CapTrav’s “one-click” export feature to extract data into either PDF or Excel format for your meetings, supplier negotiations or TMC business reviews.

Learn What Your Travel Data Really Means With CapTrav

What good is data if you don’t know what it means? With CapTrav, you have the tools to understand what your data is telling you and how it is impacting your travel program. Gain insight into which employees are booking out of compliance and if that rogue spend is costing or saving your company money. Check the performance of your TMC against industry standard benchmarks. Click on the “Request Information” link below to contact us for more information or to request a demo of CapTrav’s reporting and benchmarking capabilities.

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