CapTrav Video Library

Take a look at our video library below to see how CapTrav works. In these videos you can see how to pull a variety of reports and utilize the corporate travel tracking and program visibility of the tool.

Automatically populate travel receipts for any booking into your Chrome River or Certify Account.

Automatically populate hotel bid lists and enable real time continuous sourcing.

View non-traditional booking sources such as rideshare and rail.

Find out more about your traveler’s booking habits no matter where they book.

Help your employees in the event of an emergency no matter where they book travel.

Track all supplier spend no matter where your travelers book.

View spend by traveler across all travel categories.

Normalize supplier names and key information to ensure 100% data capture.

See how CapTrav compliments your existing TMC relationship.

See how CapTrav works for companies with no TMC relationship.